Our Collections

Found something you like the look of, but looking for a few little changes? All of our collections can be customised to meet your requirements, whether it be colours or flower types - please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have and we'll gladly help you piece together your perfect package!

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Mink Rose Mixed Flower Collection

Snow Kissed Christmas Collection

Freeshia Country Walk Collection

Autumn Fusion Collection

Katie Calla Rose Collection

Coral Rose Collection

Blue Calla Meva Collection

Kelly Marie Collection

Pastel Collection

Sian Collection

Echeveria Collection

Autumn Sunset Collection

Empress Catherine II Collection

Wild Garden Flower Collection

Sea Mist Collection

Star Dust Collection

New Orleans Collection

June Cascade Collection

Twisted Willow Collection

Karen Blush Collection

Poppy Collection

Lavender Rose Collection

Mid Summer Dream Collection

Rebecca Collection

Hot Pink Cascade Collection

Ashley Blue Collection

Charmayne Collection

Disney Inspired Pomander